Peppermint Beach Residence

Cape View Lane, Peppermint Grove Beach
Rendered Brick and steel frame, Colorbond roof, polished concrete floors with raking ceilings to upper floor.
Completed 2005

The home faces west overlooking the ocean and orientated to maximise northern exposure. All living and bedroom areas are north facing, whilst still allowing for stunning views to the west over the ocean.

The owners wanted a modern seaside holiday house which felt light and open during the summer months, but safe and secure during the worst winter storms.

The owners required this two-storey home to take full advantage of the views, provide protection from the elements and give a holiday feel, all under the height restriction of 5.9m. This residence combines the visual strength of rendered walls with the lightness of steel and glass to create a dwelling ideally suited to its location. Internally, the use of polished concrete floors and simple colours give this beach house a great seaside feel. The rendered brickwork structure provides the bedrooms and downstairs living with a comforting embrace, whilst the open planned living and extensive use of northern glazing, provide an exciting stage from which to view the ever-changing seascape of the ocean.